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 Plzeň Liberation Festival 2005
 Thursday 5 May – Sunday 8 May 2005

On 4 May 1945 General Patton gave the order to resume the offensive in West Bohemia, and the 2nd and 97th Infantry Divisions and the 16th Armored Division pushed forward in the direction of Plzeň. American tanks appeared on the streets of the city from eight o’clock on the morning of Sunday 6 May, to be greeted with immense enthusiasm by local inhabitants.

 Military clubs

Interest in the American liberation remains intense. The Military Car Club Plzeň, founded in 1990, organizes an annual commemorative tour – the Convoy of Remembrance – across West Bohemia, which forms a part of the liberation festivities. In 1994 its members made a first trip to Normandy. The club boasts almost 200 members and nearly 100 historical vehicles. « Various other associations connected with the liberation have been created, for instance the 2nd Infantry Division Club.

 New tradition

Since 1990 the tradition has grown up of organizing an annual Liberation Festival in May. People come to the city from all over the world to welcome in the spring with music and dance, to meet American veterans and their friends and relatives, and of course to drink Pilsner beer.

Plzeň Liberation Festival 2005 - what to expect
  • Reconstruction of a US Army camp ca. 1945

  • Parade of historical and current military equipment

  • Unveiling of a statue of General George S. Patton

  • Opening of the General George S. Patton Museum

  • Ceremonies involving the participation of high-level politicians

  • Indoor and outdoor cultural events

  • Exhibition of vintage American civilian vehicles

  • Militaria exchange

  • Many accompanying events


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