Pilsen Liberation Festival 2009

Come to celebrate the 64th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army.
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US Army appeared on the streets of the city of Pilsen in the morning of Sunday 6 May 1945


On 4 May 1945 General Patton gave the order to resume the offensive in West Bohemia, and the 2nd and 97th Infantry Divisions and the 16th Armored Division pushed forward in the direction of Plzeň. American tanks appeared on the streets of the city from eight o'clock on the morning of Sunday 6 May, to be greeted with immense enthusiasm by local inhabitants.

 Liberation Festival

Liberation Festival

Since 1990 the tradition has grown up of organizing an annual Liberation Festival in May. People come to the city from all over the world to welcome in the spring with music and dance, to meet American veterans and their friends and relatives, and of course to drink Pilsner beer.