Liberation Festival 2010

The soldiers in the Allied Forces who landed in Normandy on D-Day, June 6, 1944, demonstrated remarkable bravery and determination in their fight against fascism and desire for victory. Eleven months later, their journey ended with victory in Pilsen on May 6, 1945.

Plzeň 1. – 6. 5. 2010

Come celebrate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army.

Planned program:

  • concerts
  • military program
  • parade of historical military vehicles
  • presentations by the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and Czech Republic Police Force
  • commemoration ceremonies
  • program for schools

The celebrations will culminate in the traditional commemoration gathering by the Thank You America memorial on May 6, 2010.

From D-Day to V-Day
From D-Day to V-Day in English and French:
From D-Day to V-Day ENG (PDF, 800 KB)
From D-Day to -V-Day FR (PDF, 800 KB)